Silentnight Geltex Sleep 2000 Single Mattress


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Containing exclusive Silentnight technology, the Geltex Sleep 2000 is like no other. The 80mm layer of Geltex inside the mattress is a combination of elastic gel and air-permeable foam that moulds to the contours of your body, much like memory foam, to reduce discomfort in aching joints and prevent your body from overheating.

The mattress features 2000 Mirapocket springs. These springs, encased inside individual fabric pockets, move independently of each other and provide unique zonal support along key areas of the body. The springs also offer complete edge-to-edge support, maximising the sleeping surface of the mattress. A light coating of Purotex, a natural probiotic that eliminates dust mite allergens from the fabric, makes this mattress perfect for allergy sufferers, too.

With a 33cm depth and a medium tension, the mattress is very supportive and ideal for most average-weighted people. What’s more, if Silentnight’s five-year guarantee doesn’t entirely convince you of the Geltex Sleep 2000’s great quality, visit one of our stores and experience this remarkable mattress for yourself.