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If you are looking for a duvet that combines warmth, comfort, and quality, the Silentnight Hibernate 13.5 Tog Duvet deserves your attention. Expertly manufactured in the UK, this is the duvet that will transform your winter nights into a cosy, snug experience. End the struggle with chilling drafts and inconsistent heating with this 13.5 tog duvet that ensures you are comfortably warm, no matter the state of the weather outside. Ideal for those colder seasons, let’s dive into its specifications for an in-depth understanding of what this duvet has to offer.


  • This duvet features a soft-touch microfiber cover that feels luxurious against your skin. We all desire that gentle caress to lull us into a restful slumber, and this duvet promises just that.

  • Warm and cosy fibres are embedded throughout the filling, providing a toasty feeling that lasts the entire night. Imagine being wrapped up in a cloud of warmth. Isn’t that soothing?

  • The duvet is hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin or allergy-prone. Rest easy knowing you are protected from potential skin irritations and allergy flare-ups.

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness! You’ll appreciate the fact that the duvet is machine washable. Keep it fresh and clean at a comfortable 40°C wash, adding to the convenience that this duvet offers.

  • The cosy 13.5 tog rating is perfect for colder seasons. In the depth of winter, this is the duvet that will become your best friend. Forget layered clothing and heating bills, this duvet has got you covered.

  • To ensure you can rest completely easy, a 1-year guarantee reinforces the high standards of this product’s quality.


This Silentnight Hibernate Duvet with its 13.5 tog rating is an excellent choice for anyone seeking superior warmth during chilly nights. From the sensitive-skinned to the cold-suffering, this duvet guarantees irritation-free sleep and is designed to help you maintain a comfortable temperature all through the night. It’s perfect for the winter, or generally for cooler homes or those that prefer to sleep in a warm bed. Also, if easy maintenance is your deal – a duvet that can go right into your washing machine would be perfect, wouldn’t it?

Other things worth mentioning

It’s not often we come across something as seemingly ordinary as a duvet that’s worthy of conversation. But with the Silentnight Hibernate Duvet, we just can’t stop. This duvet is not only designed to deliver a warm and comfortable slumber, but it’s made to remain fluffy and warm, washing after washing. This isn’t just a duvet; it’s an investment in quality sleep and restful nights.

Reasons to buy

If you’re still asking why the Silentnight Hibernate Duvet could be the correct choice for you, let’s summarise. It’s warm, with a high tog rating perfect for chillier evenings. It’s indulgently cosy, with a soft-touch cover and a well-distributed, comfortable filling. It’s hypoallergenic and irritation-free, making it ideal for anybody. It is easy to clean, with a simple 40-degree wash cycle. And best of all – it comes with a 1-year guarantee. Now, isn’t that an indication of trust and quality? Go ahead, step up your sleeping game.

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