Silentnight Geltex Affinity 1000 Single Mattress


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Geltex® is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in comfort technology since the introduction of modern memory foam, and perfect for sleep-loving couples like Hippo and Duck.

The open cell structure of the gel allows air to permeate through the mattress to prevent over-heating, while the gel’s remarkable elasticity evenly distributes your weight to relieve uncomfortable pressure points and properly align the spine.

The Affinity 1000 not only features a layer of Geltex® but also contains Silentnight’s exclusive Mirapocket® spring system: a network of coils that move independently to tailor support and prevent ‘roll together’. 

The mattress is also hand-tufted to fasten the fillings together and add tension to the springs.

Comes with a 5-year warranty.