Silentnight So Cotton Fresh Pillow 4-Pack


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Introducing the Silentnight So Cotton Fresh Pillow 4-Pack, a combination of cloud-like comfort and breathability designed to enhance your sleep experience. This pack offers a quartet of meticulously crafted pillows that bring together high-quality materials and design to give you unrivalled sleep support. With their spectacular softness and generous filling, these pillows sure to transform the way you sleep and awake rejuvenated.


  • The pillows come with a 100% cotton percale cover that is soft to the touch, adding an extra layer of comfort to your sleep..

  • The filling consists of Dupont Cotrano and anti-allergy fibres, designed to provide a clean and fresh environment for your sleep.

  • They are machine washable at 40°C, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

  • These pillows are crafted in the UK, an affirmation of our commitment to support British manufacturing and design.

  • The comfort grade is soft, promising gentleness and ease as you lay your head down at the end of the day.

  • Rest easy knowing your investment is protected with a 2-year guarantee.


Whether you find comfort sleeping on your front or back, the Silentnight So Cotton Fresh Pillow 4-Pack adapts to your needs. Their expert design promises satisfying support regardless of your preferred sleep style, so you can leave behind the toss and turning in search for the perfect sleep position. Endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation, these pillows prove excellent for those seeking a hypoallergenic solution to their bedding needs.

Other Things Worth Mentioning

The Silentnight So Cotton Fresh Pillow 4-Pack delivers more than just exquisite comfort. They offer an ideal balance between structure and cushioning, ensuring they maintain their puffiness and shape over time. And while most pillows might flatten after continuous usage, these pillows resist such deformation, continuing to provide you with an unparalleled sleep experience for long periods.

Reasons to Buy

When you opt for the Silentnight So Cotton Fresh Pillow 4-Pack, you are investing in exceptional comfort, quality, and a peaceful night’s sleep. From their soft 100% cotton covers, anti-allergy fillings to a 2-year guarantee, these pillows are a testament to the concept that superior comfort and durability can come hand in hand. By enhancing your sleep environment, they contribute towards your better health, productivity and wellbeing. Choose them if you value consistency, comfort, and a sublime sleep journey.

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